About the research

What do you know about yourself?
You are on the mymigration.org research portal, where you will get feedback about your capital and find out how your situation is compared to the society in which you live. Use the knowledge gained here as a starting point for action.
What is www.mymigration.org?
This is the door to getting to know your potential on the labor market.
Each of us is good at something and enriches our resources throughout our lives.
MyMigration is a tool that helps in INTEGRATION THROUGH COMPETENCES in the labor market, at every stage of the professional career and in every place.
“MyMigration” makes three sense.
For people who:
1. have experienced going abroad to their own country, lived and worked there or are still there
2. have not experienced living and working abroad, but may experience migration within a given country, mobility on the labor market through changing jobs, breaks in employment, promotions or starting their own business.


In this research study, you will learn about your four key capitals: human, psychological, social and economic.


The feedback you will see in the portal can take two forms: direct feedback, where your results will be calculated and results for other people will be shown, and indirect feedback, where there is a social background on which you will be able to see and compare.

You can use the obtained feedback in job interviews or for a promotion, or attach to your CV and portfolio for use in the labor market.
Only you have access to individual results and it is up to you whether you share them with anyone, e.g. an employer.

This research project has been created by scientists from Kozminski University. The research project is funded by the National Science Centre Poland, Grant No. 2020/37/B / HS6 / 02342 OPUS.

The portal was inspired by the project My Morality led by
Dr. Mariola Paruzel-Czachura.

Discover the potential of your migration!

Take part in the study and get feedback on your psychosocial capitals.